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Velosteel supply is running low, resupply uncertain, get them while you can. 32 hole drilling only.
<<<There is a lot more to this web site than Velosteel hubs, use the menu over there to check it out!
The dust caps and frame clip/nut/bolt are chrome plated, and the sprocket is bright zinc plated. The hubs are modular in the sense that I can build the hub with different OLD and cog types. See store to purchase.
I am also offering wheel building and supplies. If you need spokes, hubs, nipples, rims, I am listing an eclectic supply of parts that I have found hard to get. And of course, some not so hard to get. I am a big fan of coaster brakes, but please don't think that's the only type of wheels I build, or hubs that I can supply. Anything with spokes, from 12" scooter wheels to fixie or touring bike wheels, super lightweight racing, low spoke count, up to tandem and motorized bike wheels. Any gauge spoke. I have even built motorcycle wheels. If it has spokes, I can fix it or build it from scratch! Check back often as I list more interesting parts. And, I have way more than I can list, so if you need something that I don't list, please feel free to contact me. Follow the contact link to the left.
If you are in the San Jose area, I offer vintage bicycle repair and restoration. I have a large collection of vintage parts, and 40 years experience with bicycle repair. If your bike was manufactured after the late '60s, I have probably worked on one like it when it was new! If your shop seems reluctant to work on an older bike, or is unfamiliar with the quirks of vintage bike boom era cycles, I can help.
I am an expert in coaster brakes, I can overhaul your hub and get it working again. I have parts sources for most brands and models. I can also repair and rebuild internal gear hubs.
Whether you want something special for your new custom build, or a single spoke to get your wheel going for your old faithful, I have the expertise and the knowledge to help.
Guy Doss
Master Wheel Builder
Note: All wheels appearing on this web site are built by me, unless otherwise noted.
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