Each picture is a link to a page about the bike showing more detailed pictures and information, be sure to click on them!
A few pictures of my Legnano before and after. This bike is for sale, $1350 plus S&H
Legnano bicycle
62cm frame center to top, full chrome. Fully serviced with newly built wheels. New tires, new tape and gum hoods. Everything is correct and in excellent condition. Please note, the shipping is an estimate, to be adjusted to the buyer's location. USA sales only.
Price: $1,350.00
My customer Cliff needed new wheels and a chainring for his 1963 Frejus
Customer Perry wanted to build a nice bike for his college age student. This is the final result.
A beautiful Schwinn Voyageur 11.8 in full chrome. I got it on Ebay and did a little renovaing, check it out. SOLD
Here is a Peugeot UO-8 that needed some customizing. I found some rims that are painted to look like old fashioned wood rims. I built them up with chrome spokes, then tied and soldered them for a really old time look. Check out the pictures! This bike is for sale for the price of the wheels. $750 plus S&H
1910 Peugeot Replica bike
This bike is currently shown in progress. Bike will have semi gloss black paint with gold decals and brass headbadge. Shipping is an estimate, accurate amount will be determined by buyer's location. Buy it now without paint for:
Price: $750.00
Here is a Raleigh Coaster Roadster. Raleigh Super Grand Prix frame only from Craig's List that got a complete custom build up. SOLD
Did you know that there was a bike race at Indiana University every year? For the last 61 years? and that they have a special bike made by Schwinn especially for this race? This race was made famous by the movie "Breaking Away" This movie inspired the student body to form an independent team named the "Cutters" after an imaginary team in the move. Check out the bike that I refurbished. By the way, the Cutters won in 2011 on Velosteel hubs. SOLD
Customer Craig wanted a buildup on his Ebay sourced, freshly painted Raleigh. I think this was originally a Gran Prix. Check out the other views by clicking on the picture.
This is Randal's bike. The wheels on this bike are not built by me, but the story is so good that I've decided to include the bike anyway. Check out Randals blog by clicking on the picture link
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