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Progress in the Workshop

Well, it's been a very busy week in the garage. We have customer bikes to work on, 6 pairs of wheels to rebuild, and lots of organizing to do. We finally tracked down an Equipto to store parts in. The small parts storage is getting totally out of control, with parts boxes stacked everywhere. With the drawer storage, most of it will fit under a small workbench. Unfortunately it is two hours drive away, stay tuned
Ebay sales contiue at a steady pace. We can't attract the bargain seekers of course, but there does seem to be a few Ebayers who are looking for quality, and we have been able to satisty them with great wheels.
I re-read Jobst Brandt's book again this week. There are only a couple of details that I disagree with, the main one is that thread locker is not an essential component in a quality wheel. When Jobst writes this in the book, the next paragraph goes on to give three good reasons for using it! I will continue to use Wheelsmith Spoke Prep, I find it makes trueing much faster and more accurate.
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