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Well, another Interbike has come and gone. This event is overwhelming. There are over 1000 booths to view. It is impossible for one person to see everything, the show is only on for three days. Of particular interest to me were the new coaster brake hubs from KT and HiStop. HiStop was showing a hub with an alloy shell and sealed bearings! Handsome bikes even had them make a high flange version that will be available sometime next year. Those sealed bearings are super smooth, I am going to try to order some of the hubs from HiStop. They can  even do them in colors, but since most hubs now only come in black and silver, looks like they have missed the boat on that, unless someone wants to order pairs.
The workshop is full of, well, work. There are several bikes and wheels that need attention. There's lots to do so I had better get to it. Send me an email or post a comment here.
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