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Bicycle projects

Cruiser buildup

This time I have a new project that I hope to document here in the blog. This is starting with a Bauer cantilever cruiser frame built with lugs and relatively lightweight tubing. here is a picture of the bike:

This frame has an English threaded bottom bracket for three piece cranks:


Seat cluster:

Dropouts front:

Dropouts Rear:

And the fork crown:

Next time: Inspection and alignment.

Late June update

Well, it's been a while since I last updated the web site. Spring has sprung suddenly and everyone wants their bike fixed day before yesterday. I have sold hubs to race team managers for the Little 500 at Indiana University. I managed to get one of these bikes from a team manager and refurbished it. Now I know how they work and the issues involved in setting them up for optimum performance.

April Showers bring May Flowers

Today I did some detail updating on the site, mostly spell checking and grammar upgrades. I have several bikes in the shop for tune ups, upgrades and wheel builds. I added a two new pairs of rims, only one pair each.
The little 500 has come and gone, and Velosteel hubs were first and second in the Women's race, and first and forth in the Men's. Not too shabbly. Would have been 1, 2 in the Men's, but for a crash that put the second team way behind. Not a bad showing.
I met a couple last week who are building a pair of Raleigh three speeds up into Coaster Roadsters very similar to my Super Grand Prix roadster. They have commisioned a pair of 26 X 1 3/8 wheels. Parts are on order. I hope I will get to assemble the entire bike, it is going to be a great project. I am stuck on the Peugeot roadster, I need a headbadge before spending money on a paint job, and I want the Valentigney version.

Velosteel parts

A lot has happened since I last posted. I built up a Raleigh Super Grand Prix with CR-18 rims and Velosteel hub, with a Suzue BMX hub in the front. It looks very much like an English Roadster.
I recieved a much needed parts order from Velosteel. Now I have cogs in 17, 18, and 19 teeth. I also got the really long axles so I can space hubs out to 130. Maybe 135 even. I also now have replacement threaded drivers, so if you would like to change your snapring hub to threaded, you can do that really easily now.

Workshop update

I haven't had a chance to update the blog for a while, so here it is. I finished the tie and solder on the 29er woody wheels, and they look fantastic. The Velosteel hubs are neatly packed into their Conatiner Store milk crates. I have one customer bike in the stand waiting for cables, and one Ebay sale to ship tomorrow. Things seem to be grinding along slowly, so there is hope, since it is January, traditionally the slowest month of the bicycle insdustry.
I have several wheels planned for the store, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Wood wheel tie up

On Tuesday I decided that the new cruiser wheels I was building needed to be tied and soldered. These wheels are ment to simulate a turn of the century pair of wood rimed wheels. I used a Velosteel coaster brake hub, a pair of Velocity P-35 rims in Teak, and from my secret stash a set of chrome spokes. I managed to get all the spokes tied. I had planned to solder them yesterday, but got too busy sorting and storing the Velosteel hubs. My goal is to get them soldered today.
If you are interested in seeing these wheels, watch my web site for pictures.

Schwinn Voyageur finished

The Schwinn Voyageur is finished and I hope to have pictures up on my site soon. 
I have a friend's Roberts that is completed and waiting to be picked up.
The next bike inline is a customer's Titanium GT that has been polished and pinstriped. This bike will be stunning when done, the polished titanium looks like chrome.
Things are slow, but there is still some life evident in the bicycle biz this winter. 

Current projects in the shop

Ok, today, Christmas eve, I finished a bike for a friend's wife, and did a little work on my own bike, a full chrome Schwinn approved Voyageur 11.8. This bike was upgraded to all Campagnolo by the bike shop it was purchased from. Some of the modifications didn't make a lot of sense, like the filed down Cinelli stem, or the freehand drilled out rear dropout adjuster screws. I reamed the steerer tube from 13/16" to 7/8", and installed Huret bolt on drop out adjusters. The wheels had aero rims on them, which didn't look quite right, so I replaced them with Mavic MA-2s and chrome spokes.
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